Top 10 Rules for Success – Simon Sinek

Rules for Success - Simon Sinek

Simon Sinek‘s top rules for success are complied in this interesting video. Whatever you want to do with your life it is always interesting to see what truly successful thought leaders consider to be important factors in achieving success.

Simon Sinek, Motivational Speaker

Simon Sinek is a powerful speaker whose ideas are equally applicable to everyday life, to being outstanding in your job or to running a business.

His 10 top rules for success

  1. Break the rules – Don’t be the same as everyone else, or every other business.  Stand out.
  2. Train your mind – Be a lifelong learner with an enquiring mind, seeking truth and new perspectives.
  3. Be patient – Sometimes the best things in life take time.  Don’t rush it.
  4. Take accountability – Be responsible for your own actions, and acknowledge your mistakes.
  5. Outdo yourself – Don’t settle for mediocrity.  Always try to better your past results.
  6. Stack the decks – Ensure that you put in place as many advantages as possible to ensure your success.
  7. Be the last to speak – Listen to others’ opinions. In negotiations the person who speaks first usually loses.
  8. Be authentic – Always be true to yourself. There is no one else exactly like you, and authenticity shines out.
  9. Find your passion – If you love doing something you will do it extremely well.  And you’ll love doing it!
  10. Start with WHY – Understand your own WHY for whatever you are doing.  If you are marketing or trying to persuade someone about anything start with the WHY it is right for them, not the details or features.

Don’t Give Up

One of my top rules for success is Don’t Give Up.  If you keep on going there’s always a chance that you will reach your goals in the end.

Other than that omission I agree with this list, but would have put my own rules for success in a different order, perhaps beginning with number 9, then number 8, followed closely by number 10. What do you think?

“How Failure Creates True Success: 5 Steps That You Can Take To use It To Your Advantage”  may interest you.

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Hi, I'm Jenni Proctor from Boomers Next Step. Remember when the formula for success in life was simply to strive for good marks at school, gain qualifications, get a great job, work hard and save for your retirement? Yes, I believed it too! For years my husband David and I wanted to develop a business that we could operate anywhere in the world, but both of us were educated to be employees.  We had entrepreneurial dreams and ideas, but still had employee mindsets. 14 years ago I took the giant leap!  I left my job in Education to start a business as a Career Counsellor and Coach, helping mature adults transition from one career path to another, and particularly from employment to entrepreneurship.  I had studied long and hard to gain new qualifications but sadly I hadn’t learnt how to market my new business. About 12 years ago we realized that we were not tracking well towards having the sort of retirement we wanted. We’d saved; we’d invested; and like so many other people we’d also lost some money along the way. It didn’t help that my business was not bringing in as much as I had been earning as an employee. Our dreams of extensive travel and helping our family were being replaced by a growing concern that we would outlive our savings. It seemed that a traditional retirement would not allow us to maintain the lifestyle we wanted. I love helping people plan the next phase of their lives, but we realized that was not going to be enough.  We needed a way to create an income stream that would pay for the travel and other lifestyle luxuries we wanted, that would provide mental stimulation, and would interest us both.

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