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Jobs for older workers are available. You just have to use the right strategies!  Don’t believe the media when they tell you that is impossible.

I have been helping older workers with their careers and employment for many years.  Therefore I hope that the employment category of Young at Heart will help many readers.

We can help you find new work, change careers or gain more recognition for the work you currently do.  Visit our Job Search section which includes all aspects of a contemporary job search  – Resumes, Cover Letters, Interview Skills.  Don’t overlook the importance of Networking, a key strategy in finding jobs for older workers.

Download our free resources or consider Career Reno, which will give you the momentum to renovate your career.  It’s a great way to improve your chance of success to get the job you want.

Don’t believe that old myth of everyone hanging out for the day they can retire!  Many of us actually enjoy the work we do and want to keep doing it.  Others would like to keep working but want to do something different and don’t know how to do this.

You may be surprised at the number of retirees who choose to return to work in a full or part time capacity to boost their retirement savings or because the quieter retirement life is not all they expected.  Contact me for personal career help.


  • Matching Your Personal Passion to a Promising Career November 4, 2018
    “Do what you can, with what you have, where you are.” – Theodore Roosevelt Passion can be a powerful motivating force – one that gives us a sense of reward when we fulfull it, and a sense of frustration if we try to set it aside. That deep need – whether it’s to contribute, change, ...
  • Start a new business or buy an existing one November 1, 2018
    It has always been clear that entrepreneurism is the surest path towards financial freedom. But in 2018 it may also be the only sure bet on the table. The costs of living continue to rise, while employees’ paychecks stagnate or even shrink. If you are lucky enough to have a significant amount of capital on ...
  • 4 Tips for Baby Boomers to Bounce Back September 15, 2018
    Bounce Back and Bounce Better Regardless of your age or situation, the time for you to take action is TODAY! Cause it’s NEVER too late! It has been gratifying to see that even if you have had a rocky financial road, you can make a change anytime you decide. No matter where we fall on ...
  • Are Paper Resumes Dead? September 2, 2018
    Today’s world is basically run via e-mail, text messaging and instant messenger. The advancement in such technologies has turned things that were traditionally printed on paper, like resumes, into digital forms as well. Most large companies even bill their clients via the internet, also known as online billing. According to a recent national survey, the ...
  • The Key to Making a Meaningful and Successful Career Change August 8, 2018
    Are you ready for a successful career change? When changing careers, it is all too easy to find yourself once more in a job that doesn’t truly give you a sense of meaning and purpose. When considering a career change, and in order to get a job you love, it is therefore vital that you take ...
  • 15 Interview Questions to Ask Employers August 6, 2018
    Learn About Your Employer in 10 Minutes A job interview is probably the most nerve-wracking experience you have to go through on your job hunting. During job interviews, it is best to act naturally smart, but without getting too over confident. Also, always expect that your interviewer may give you a chance to ask questions. If ...
  • Stay at Home Moms Returning to Work April 20, 2018
    Due to the economy a lot of stay at home moms are finding themselves having to go back into the workforce sooner than they planned. This may be a stressful time trying to discover work after years of not working. Career coaches are seeing many women these days who thought they would have a few ...
  • Why Baby Boomers Need Computer Training January 31, 2018
    Without competent computer skills, older people are seriously disadvantaged. Our lifestyle today demands computer skills for everyday activities. Read on for the five main reasons why older people need to be computer literate and capable.
  • Career Change After 40 December 29, 2017
    If you are planning on a career change after you turn 40 you’re probably shaking in your boots. Children. Homes. Bills. All of these things cause you to pause when you think about leaving your job. Yet, you’re miserable. You want a change. Well, don’t ignore your feelings. Understand that switching careers during the middle years ...
  • The Power of the Informational Interview December 8, 2017
    The informational interview is one of the most effective tools that a job seeker can deploy. If you aren’t using informational interviews on a consistent basis, you need to start, because there is no doubt they will increase your chances of getting a job offer. An informational interview involves contacting an employee who works for a ...
  • Reinvent Your Life In Retirement September 25, 2017
    Is it possible to reinvent yourself? You’ve probably spent your life thinking that by the time you reach “a certain age” you’ll have it all together. But sometimes the path you want to follow just gets more confusing…. Where you thought there’d be a pathway in front of you there is just crazy paving! Start planning now Life is too ...
  • Job Interview Mistakes You Can Easily Fix September 14, 2017
    A job interview is very important to your future career. An interview is the gateway to your new job. The employer is given a first and only impression of you with an interview so, it needs to count. A bad interview can cost you the job you have been dreaming about. Doing your research can ...
  • How to Cope With Being Made Redundant August 31, 2017
    Being made redundant is not just about money and what money can buy. It is often the psychological effect which takes the biggest toll. One moment you know who you are and what you do and what you mean to other people, and then in a flash it can feel as if you are nobody. So, ...
  • The 15 Most Deadly Resume Mistakes to Avoid August 13, 2017
    What resume mistakes should you avoid doing? One of the most frequent question I receive is about resumes. More specifically, how to write a winning resume and what mistakes to avoid. So here I have gathered the 15 most common resume mistakes to avoid. Treating your resume as your life’s story and not as a sales document A ...
  • Top 7 Things You Should Know About Your Potential Employer Before Interviewing August 12, 2017
      Before you go for your job interview, it is necessary that you know some information about your potential employer. This information will ensure that you will adequately prepare for the job interview. You will be more confident when answering interview questions and you will show your potential employer that you have a genuine interest of ...
  • Finding the Right Recruiter For Your Job Search July 12, 2017
    Do you need a recruiter for your job search? Choosing a recruiter can have a major impact on your career: the right recruiter can play a major role in achieving job success and security; the wrong recruiter get you stuck in a bad or even career damaging situation. In over twenty five years in the recruiting ...
  • 4 Tips to Prepare For Your Most Effective Job Interview June 27, 2017
    It is so very important now, more than ever, to have yourself well-prepared for an interview. Here are some tips on how to prepare for job interview to help you present yourself in a positive light and get your prospective employer’s attention. Being well prepared will show interviewers your self-confidence and give you the opportunity ...
  • Questions to Ask When Making a Career Transition June 15, 2017
    I work with many clients who are moving through a career transition. The desire for a transition comes from different places and for different reasons. Transitions can be made with intention or accelerated through circumstance. Wherever you are, these questions can help you make choices that align with your wants, needs and values. WHY do you ...
  • Career Portfolios – What it is and How it Can Help Land Jobs May 31, 2017
    Why do you need a career portfolio? A career portfolio provides prospective employers with a tangible sample of accomplishments acquired across an individual’s employment life. Presenting a well prepared portfolio during an interview enhances a job candidate’s professionalism, and provides evidence of stated achievements. What should you put in your career portfolio? Education Educational items included in a career ...
  • 20 Simple Tips for Using Twitter to Find a Job May 7, 2017
    Whether you’re starting your career or looking for a change, if you’re on a job search, you may have heard that Twitter is a great resource. You’ve heard right. Twitter offers a great way to ramp up your job search. We’ve highlighted 20 great tips for using Twitter to find a job to help make ...
  • 6 FAQs and a Sample Template for Your Resume Reference Page May 5, 2017
    It’s important to write a strong resume reference page, and to learn how to manage your references with ease. References on resume will ensure that you get what you need from them – their solid and unwavering recommendation for the job you want. 6 FAQs for Your Resume Reference Page Here are 6 frequently asked questions from ...
  • 7 Outdated Myths That Will Kill Your Career Change Before You Start May 4, 2017
    If you’re a career-changing Baby Boomer, you may feel like you’ve gotten lost with Dorothy in Oz. You’ve achieved success in your career. You’ve built skills and a strong work ethic. And now you’re ready to move on…and it’s not working. Many of my own clients tell me, “I haven’t had to look for a job ...
  • Rebuilding Your Network April 9, 2017
    Tips on Rebuilding Your Network As the economy warms up, more of your contacts are on the move — and going places that could be right for you. How do you rebuild a network that’s gone slack? People have a bad habit of letting their networks go stale when they land new positions. They’ll certainly stay in ...
  • Let Your Resume Tell Why You Left Your Last Job April 8, 2017
    It’s never fun to think about the awkward situations that you will run into when you reach the interviewing stage of the job application process. You never know exactly what will be asked, but you can anticipate – and sometimes that anticipation leaves you biting your nails off to say the least. This sentiment is ...
  • Tips After the Job Interview – Stay Consistent With Your Personal Brand April 2, 2017
    You’ve had a great interview, and you feel strongly that you’re a top contender for the job. Maybe the interviewer even told you that you’re the #1 choice. Even so, this is not the time to rest on your laurels. How you present yourself after an interview is just as important as what you did ...

Stereotypes of Mature Aged Workers

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Matching Your Personal Passion to a Promising Career

Matching Your Personal Passion to a Promising Career

November 4, 2018

“Do what you can, with what you have, where you are.” – Theodore Roosevelt Passion can be a powerful motivating […]

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How To Overcome A Financial Setback And Still Have A Great Retirement

May 24, 2018

Let’s face it, the road to retirement isn’t always straightforward. Even with the best planning, many of us are likely to have to experience at least one financial setback in our life. The older we get, the more stressful if can be.

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Healthy Feet vs My Hobbit Feet

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How to Prepare for Possible Redundancy

How to Prepare for Possible Redundancy

August 5, 2019

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Are Paper Resumes Dead?

Are Paper Resumes Dead?

September 2, 2018

Today’s world is basically run via e-mail, text messaging and instant messenger. The advancement in such technologies has turned things […]

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