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Jobs for older workers are available. You just have to use the right strategies!  Don’t believe the media when they tell you that is impossible.

I have been helping older workers with their careers and employment for many years.  Therefore I hope that the employment category of Young at Heart will help many readers.

We can help you find new work, change careers or gain more recognition for the work you currently do.  Visit our Job Search section which includes all aspects of a contemporary job search  – Resumes, Cover Letters, Interview Skills.  Don’t overlook the importance of Networking, a key strategy in finding jobs for older workers.

Download our free resources or consider Career Reno, which will give you the momentum to renovate your career.  It’s a great way to improve your chance of success to get the job you want.

Don’t believe that old myth of everyone hanging out for the day they can retire!  Many of us actually enjoy the work we do and want to keep doing it.  Others would like to keep working but want to do something different and don’t know how to do this.

You may be surprised at the number of retirees who choose to return to work in a full or part time capacity to boost their retirement savings or because the quieter retirement life is not all they expected.  Contact me for personal career help.


  • Know How and Why Using Keywords for Job Search is So Important April 1, 2017
    Did you know that almost all of the popular job search websites will let users input keywords into the search engine while looking for job postings? How about trying to find a job in an area of the country or the world for that matter, did you know you could do your searches by entering ...
  • Know How to Answer Job Interview Questions Regarding Your Weaknesses March 31, 2017
    Are you familiar with the job weakness interview question? How many times have you had to answer it in your lifetime? Most people have had to answer an interview question about personal and professional weaknesses at least a few times. If you feel your answer was less than satisfactory or painted you in a negative ...
  • How to Handle the 5 Common Types of Interviewer March 30, 2017
    Not everyone interviews with the same format, passion, process and questions. There are some old standards out there that some interviewers follow, while others take their own path, especially the entrepreneurs. There are different types of interviewer and with some forethought you can be prepared to interview successfully, no matter which type you encounter. Keep in ...
  • How to Write a Resume After a Career Break March 29, 2017
    Even after a two week holiday, it can seem as if a lot has changed when you return from work. So it’s no wonder that most women returning to work after a career break feel that it is a daunting prospect indeed. Of course, you know that this time off has been anything but a time ...
  • How Old is Too Old To Change Careers? March 26, 2017
    The quick answer, for those that need to know now is, naturally enough, you are never too old to change careers. If I wanted to be dogmatic I’d point you to articles on the American Grandma Moses and tell you to get inspired. Maybe even ask you to Google the 99 year old lady with ...
  • How to Choose the Right Coach For You March 25, 2017
    The decision to seek the services of an external job coach is often made because of the many benefits currently recognized. Apart from personal benefits for the individual, (increased self awareness, better goal setting etc), surveys have also found clear links to improvement in business performance metrics, such as quality, productivity and revenue. Once the ...
  • Ideal Encore Career – What’s Your Expertise? March 1, 2017
    As you begin to evaluate your encore career, it is important to establish your core values as a tool for discovering your ideal encore career. The next step is to determine what skills or expertise you have that align with what you define as your personal values. How to Find Your Ideal Encore Career In order to ...
  • Tough Interview Question – What Do You Dislike About Your Job? February 6, 2017
    How to answer a tough job interview question? What will be your answer if the interviewer suddenly asks you a difficult interview question about your current job and why you want to leave it? If you spend too long searching for an answer you’ll ultimately spend more time looking for another job! You will make a poor ...
  • Using Mock Interview Questions and Answers in Preparing for a Job Interview February 1, 2017
    Using mock interview questions and answers as a preparation tool will improve your interviewing effectiveness. One of my clients used to practice with their pet, which is absolutely ridiculous. An actual person to provide feedback will make your practice more valuable. If you are not utilizing this as a part of your job interview preparation, ...
  • How To Bounce Back When You’ve Been Out Of Work? January 30, 2017
    It happens to the best of us. You hit a bump in the rocky road of your career and find yourself out of work for longer than you’d like. Being out of work for an extended period of time does more damage than just a gap in your resume. It affects your self esteem, how you ...
  • Baby Boomers and Midlife Career Changes January 26, 2017
    Baby boomers, are you thinking about a midlife career change? Many baby boomers are contemplating midlife career changes for a variety of reasons. One of the simplest reasons is that there are far more job and entrepreneurial options now than there have ever been before. People who are now contemplating a midlife change are seeing the power ...
  • Tips For Including Employment References in Your Job Search January 15, 2017
    Searching for a job in today’s world is a very competitive task to undertake. While most of us like to think that obtaining a good job is more about our skills and qualifications than whom we know, this is not always the case. Therefore, the references that you add to your resume may be very ...
  • 3 Tips on How to Find the Top Recession Proof Jobs January 8, 2017
    In today’s job market, it would seem that no career path is as straight as it used to be. But some careers do survive, and here are a few tips on how to find the top recession-proof career opportunity. Top Recession-Proof Career Opportunity Tip #1: Do your research, whether online or through community immersion. You can get ...
  • How to Make Resume Cover Letters Get Noticed January 4, 2017
    The job market, like everything in this economy, has changed dramatically. And so have basic job search tools, including cover letters to accompany your resume. Today’s market is ultra-competitive. Your cover letter can make you stand out. Please don’t ever be tempted to copy a free resume cover letter off the internet. It will be impersonal ...
  • How to Keep Your Age a Secret in an Executive Resume January 1, 2017
    When you’re looking for an executive level job, chances are good that you’ve been working at your career for quite some time. As you know, when competing for work, especially in a strained economy, some employers choose to go with candidates who present a greater promise of longevity – something a seasoned professional may not ...
  • How to Dress for a Job Interview November 1, 2016
    Tips on How to Dress Successfully for a Job Interview Job interviews are a lot of things, and your ticket to a new job can be one of them if you play your cards right. Pressure is a job interview’s best friend, however, and whether it’s self-imposed or coming from an external source, that fateful meeting ...
  • Tips For Questions to Ask at Interviews June 18, 2016
    It is well understood that sales training can improve specific skills, but what do you look for when recruiting a new sales person?For all sales positions a willingness to achieve is an important factor. Thus, in recruitment, the key question to answer is: what level of commitment and stamina do they have? This question is ...
  • 5 Universal Laws To Finding Work You Love June 12, 2016
    Are you someone who enjoys reading about “The Law Of Attraction” and other spiritual concepts?  This article by a guest author may put the task of job search into the language you enjoy. The fear, doubt and uncertainty that accompanies the desire to change pace is understandable. In my work I attract people who crave freedom ...
  • Words to Avoid in Your Resume March 18, 2016
    What are the Words to Avoid in Your Resume? If you want to avoid being passed over for an interview, stay away from the dozens of “boilerplate” phrases littering thousands of resumes. Recruiters and H.R. reps are likely to move on to the next candidate’s resume after spotting a couple of terms like “results-oriented” and “go-to ...
  • How to Cope With Job Loss December 15, 2015
    How do you cope with job loss? Losing a job can lead to negative feelings – inadequacy, embarrassment, insecurity and devastation. Recovery can take time, making it easy to become depressed or anxious. Learning how to cope with job loss is crucial for avoiding this. It can lead to an even better future, like undiscovered opportunities ...
  • A Boomers’ guide to volunteering after retirement November 17, 2015
    The face of volunteerism is changing. Challenging economical conditions, advances in technology, and boomers approaching retirement age are major influences on how non-profit organizations operate differently than in the past. There are many more people seeking help from service organizations, but there are also many more people who are volunteering. These and other social trends inspired ...
  • People Who Achieved Their Dreams After Age 60 July 29, 2015
    This article was published by New Avenue.org and has been reprinted with permission. Senior Wonders: People Who Achieved Their Dreams After Age 60By Karen L. Pepkin, Wendell C. Taylor The media abounds with negative views about the impact of aging on physical, cognitive, and financial well-being. In fact, there are entire industries that have emerged to counteract the ...
  • How To Get A Good Job After 50 Book Review July 27, 2015
    How To Get A Good Job After 50 Review How to Get a Good Job After 50: A step-by-step guide to job search success by Rupert French My rating: 5 of 5 stars – This is my Good Reads review of this excellent book, available on Amazon.com.au. How to Get a Good Job After 50 by Rupert French is ...
  • Career Happiness January 3, 2015
    Being unhappy at work is related to many different factors. Even if you enjoy the actual work, if the culture of the organisation, the people you work with, or the style of management upset you then you will soon lose pleasure in the work. Which of these twelve factors are impacting on your attitude to ...
  • How To Regain Confidence In Your Career December 17, 2014
    When your confidence has been shattered it is difficult to pick yourself up and move on in your career and your life. This series of 5 Slideshare presentations will teach you ways on how to regain your confidence. It will help you to find ways to put together your fragmented confidence and not let it ...

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