4 Tips for Baby Boomers to Bounce Back

4 Tips for Baby Boomers to Bounce Back

Bounce Back and Bounce Better Regardless of your age or situation, the time for you to take action is TODAY! Cause it’s NEVER too late! It has been gratifying to see that even if you have had a rocky financial road, you can make a change anytime you decide. No matter where we fall on the Baby Boomers age scale and regardless of our financial circumstances, it’s important that we ACT NOW, this minute, to make changes that will affect how we manage our finances for the rest of our lives. We have tips for Baby Boomers on how to bounce back.

The critical thing to remember is that no matter how bleak your financial situation might seem at this moment, you will be pleased to know it’s possible to get back into the game and make changes whenever you decide. As long as you have the desire to effect a change, there is no reason why your age will stop you from taking a different path in your career. Or, from doing so successfully!

Four Tips for the Baby Boomers to Bounce Back

To Evaluate and Set Goals Know what you have and where you’re going by setting aside some time to evaluate your finances in relation to your goals. What do you see are your needs for the coming year? Unless you are able to specifically define these, you’ll be unable to move forward. It may be necessary for you to set aside a month or so in order to get a truly clear picture of how your income correlates with your expenses. For instance, if you have from time to time been somewhat wild with your credit cards, in the future you may want to consider making “cash only” purchases/expenditures for a specified period of time. You can also keep track of the purchases you make by recording the amount each time you buy something. Being able to actually see in front of you where the money has gone can be a jarring wake up call. It can also help you evaluate your future financial moves. One very effective trick is to use”only cash” when purchasing anything. By the time your cash is gone you hope the month is, too, because you will have been able to manage your money well. Of course, if you still have bills and no longer have any cash, you’ll have a problem. Or, as a new money management tool, put cash into envelopes marked for each expenditure; for instance, rent or mortgage, groceries, home repair, medical, etc.

To Put it in Writing As mentioned above, list your goals and display them where they will be easy to see. One of the best ways to put something into memory is to write it down and to then refer to it often. By doing so, you take ownership of the goal, and you acknowledge what has to be done to resolve the situation. Call this your action plan.

You’re Not the Only One in the Boat In all this, it’s important that you know you are not alone. No matter how tough this all seems! Sometimes when we find ourselves in a financial bind, it’s fairly common to want to feel ashamed for getting into our predicament. There really is no need to do this. Unfortunately, in today’s times it happens more often than not. So, you may want to seek out a friend who will listen to your concerns. Or find a group of like-minded individuals. You’ll be able to help each other. Above all, get out and get help, if you need it. It’s one way to feel relief and to get your joy back.

Sometimes We Need a Third Party Intervention You’ve found yourself in a financial predicament that you just can’t quite unravel. Rather than unsuccessfully continue to agonize over the situation or to try to unproductively fix your financial mess, look for assistance with your financial matters to help you turn your situation around. There are many financial consultants, trained in such matters, that will be able to provide you with materials and support that will help alleviate your situation. In some instances, they may even be able to go to bat for you with your creditors. And, they’ll be able to direct you to referral resources in your area. Stepping out and seeking guidance will also help you to realize you are not alone in dealing with issues like these.

Janie Behr is a qualified life coach specializing in helping people find their purpose, achieve their goals, and explore all the possibilities that life has to offer. She is available for private individual coaching, group coaching and public speaking engagements. She runs frequent teleseminars dedicated to helping people find and live their most positive lives! For more information please visit http://www.jblifecoach.com

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