Best Jobs For People Over 50

Best Jobs For People Over 50 Finding Job Online

Over 50 should be a great time of your working life…secure, valued, well-paid, cruising towards retirement.  But it isn’t like that for many people who face redundancy at a time of life when they are considered ‘older workers’.  It isn’t for the many people who have been unable to get a permanent position or have been under employed.  And it certainly isn’t a great time for those who are unhappy in their job and would love to get a new job.

Are you searching for best jobs for over 50s who are not happy with their present situation or who have been made redundant? Previously, most people over the age of 50 were well established in their careers, and while this is still the case for some, especially those in the professions like medicine or law, the situation is changing.

At the moment, many people in their 50s have lost their jobs or are working on short term or temporary contracts or doing two or three part time jobs to try to make ends meet.

As we are all living longer these days, thoughts of retirement at 60 or 65 are no longer realistic for the majority of people.

Best Jobs For People Over 50 Finding Job Online

Tips for searching for the best jobs for people over 50

Using Experience – Vacancies for Over 50s

This is a new trend, unfortunately not yet a big one, in which companies actually realize the advantages of hiring people who have experience of both work and life in general.

In fact, there are now organizations which specialize in placing ads or offering recruitment services online for this age group. You must be careful to check out the site to see that it is run by a reputable agency. There are also specialist government sites in many areas offering help finding employment if you are over 50.

If you search for jobs for people over 50 in your area, you should find some relevant websites. Most will also help you with your CV or resume and advise you on how to present your experience, enabling you to find the job which is best for you.

These agencies offer both full and part time jobs, as well as contract work and volunteer positions. This gives you the flexibility to choose whichever type of work is most suited to your experience and your lifestyle and opens up new options you might never have considered before.

Some Examples of Jobs Offered Online

One example which sounds fun and should be possible in any English speaking country is, host/tutor for students visiting to learn English. (This one does require either a degree or a teaching qualification plus a spare room.)

There are quite a few posts at different levels in sales and telephone sales and numerous work-from-home posts, including relationship manager, which I’d never heard of before. This particular vacancy was for someone to help busy executives buy their business clothing.

Book keeping and accounting on an hourly paid basis. In fact, freelancing as a consultant in work you did previously is an excellent option for experienced workers, if there is a demand for what they can do.

If you have business experience, you may also be able to help people who are setting up their own businesses.


As with any online job offers, you need to be careful to avoid scams. Join several websites and read the sites in detail. If there is a forum you should be able to find out about other people’s experiences of the agency. As you get to know the sites, you will find one or two you feel comfortable with and which are offering the type of work you want.

If you are considering accepting an offer, read the contract carefully and make sure you understand the terms. Many work at home posts operate on a commission basis and care should be taken if considering any of this type of work.

The internet has opened up a great many possibilities for finding jobs for the over 50s and if you take time and care when using it, you could find the best job for you.

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