Top 7 Things You Should Know About Your Potential Employer Before Interviewing


Top 7 Things You Should Know About Your Potential Employer Before Interviewing

Before you go for your job interview, it is necessary that you know some information about your potential employer. This information will ensure that you will adequately prepare for the job interview. You will be more confident when answering interview questions and you will show your potential employer that you have a genuine interest of working with the organization. If you prepare well, you will increase your chances of getting the job.

The following 7 types of information about your potential employer will help you prepare for your job interview well.

1. Get general information about your potential employer.

You can use the internet to research the business operations of the organization that you want to work with by looking at their recent articles posted on the press or their annual reports. You can impress them with your knowledge of their company at the interview.

2. Research their opposition

Find information about the businesses that offer stiff competition to the organization you want to work with so that you will display this information in your job interview. You can get information about competitors by researching the companies that sell similar goods or services to the company you want to work with. Having this information will be impressive especially if your interviewer is a manager.

3. Understand details about the job you want

You can do this by getting detailed information about the specifications of the job from other employees working for the organization. For example, you can ask an employee working for the human resources department about the vacancy and its relationship with other jobs in the organization. You can also get such information from people who work in the field that you want to pursue and find out about what interviewers want job seekers to have when interviewing for such positions.

4. What are the vision and values of the company?

Find information about the values and ideas that the employees of the organization you want to work for regard highly. For example, they may regard values such as entrepreneurship and consensus highly and this can influence the organization to hire different types of people. It will be good for you to talk to other people and find out about these values before your interview date.

5. Find out who works there

Seek information about the employees who work for the organization and the kind of people who do well in the organization. You can do this by using your network of friends to find information about the people who work for the company and you can get information that will help you pass your interview.

6. What are their current challenges?

Find out about the current challenges facing the organization from employees or media. It will help you ask and answer interview question efficiently and impress your interviewer.

7. Research your interviewer

Get some information about your interviewer. Search for the person’s name on websites such as Facebook or LinkedIn. You can also ask other people if they know about the person. Most interviewers will be impressed if you know something about them.

Have this information with you as you participate in the interview. It will enable you to portray a good image to your interviewer and increase your chances of getting the job significantly.

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