Tough Interview Question – What Do You Dislike About Your Job?

Tough Interview Question – "What Do You Dislike About Your Job?

How to answer a tough job interview question?

What will be your answer if the interviewer suddenly asks you a difficult interview question about your current job and why you want to leave it?

If you spend too long searching for an answer you’ll ultimately spend more time looking for another job! You will make a poor impression on an interviewer if you are rendered speechless by a difficult question.

One proven method for answering tough job interview questions is to prepare with a little forward planning and careful consideration of the type of questions you might be asked. Being prepared will ensure you are not left speechless by a tough interview question and will give you the best chance of getting that job. The following is a tough interview question.

“What Do You Dislike About Your Job?”

This is a loaded question and you need to be sure of your answer before you open your mouth. There could be any number of reasons you dislike your current job including:

  • You dislike your boss
  • You dislike your colleagues
  • You’re bored
  • You were passed over for a promotion
  • You are unpopular with your colleagues
  • You dislike the customers
  • You find the work too difficult or challenging

Whatever the reasons are you don’t want to come across as being negative in anyway. Try to think of a positive answer for each of the above points that apply to you.

Job Factors To Consider

Know the job you are being interviewed for! For example, if you dislike certain elements of your current job, ensure they are not present in the in new position you are being interviewed for. If you mention you prefer not to do tele-sales and the job includes tele-sales, the interviewer will know you have not researched the position and this will reflect poorly on you. If you are applying for a job that requires direct contact with customers, and you tend to dislike costumers, perhaps you should continue your job search. Why would you want to find yourself in the same negative situation in a new position?

Be Prepared

There are countless more examples of difficult interview questions besides “what do you dislike about your job?” But with some simple preparation you can be ready to answer anything and give yourself the best chance for getting that job.

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