Using Mock Interview Questions and Answers in Preparing for a Job Interview

Using mock interview questions and answers as a preparation tool will improve your interviewing effectiveness. One of my clients used to practice with their pet, which is absolutely ridiculous. An actual person to provide feedback will make your practice more valuable. If you are not utilizing this as a part of your job interview preparation, now is the perfect time to begin!

Working with mock interview questions and answers is a type of role playing. It is the most practical job interview preparation you can utilize. The approach is to have another person ask a series of questions that you expect to hear during the interview. Perhaps the most important part is you taking the time to thoughtfully and fully answer them out loud, just as if you were in the interview. Skipping the answering portion makes the entire mock interview questions and answers session useless. If you take the time and effort to complete the exercise, you will become more comfortable in the skills you want to highlight and how you articulate them. This kind of job interview preparation is very worthwhile, as it allows you to craft your responses in a thoughtful and concise manner.

Frequently, there are a series of fairly standard interview questions. Some of these include:

What is it about this company that has you interested? What are your biggest strengths and weaknesses? Tell me about yourself. More and more interviewees are asked behavioral questions as a way to test their critical thinking skills. These questions may prove challenging! They require you to provide specific examples or instances when you took an action, solved something, or made a decision. For example;

Tell me about a time… Please describe a situation where… What was your specific approach to… By using the mock interview questions and answers technique with a friend, loved one, neighbor, peer, or human resource professional, you will quiet your nerves, convey your confidence and demonstrate that you are able to capable and will perform positively when hired.

You have invested a lot in your sales tools just to earn the interview. Now, devote the time to increasing your chances of advancing through the process by practicing mock interview questions and answers with someone who can give you candid feedback. You may ask them to specifically listen for any employment gaps you need to address. They might also listen for clarity in why you are looking to make a considerable career change. Just like from a sports or life coach, feedback is a key part of any job interview preparation.

As an example, I had a client who was involuntarily discharged from his last job. Understandably still a sore spot for him, yet one he must overcome because previous positions will be discussed during upcoming interviews. In practicing mock interview questions and answers I helped him organize his responses to include what he enjoyed most and what he learned from the position that will benefit his future employer. By completing all three components (questions, answer, feedback) of this job interview preparation he is more equipped and will perform at an elevated level.

Good luck in your next interview!

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