Mastering The Job Search Process

To master the job search process you need to understand how it has changed over the years.

In the last two decades job seeking has changed.  Competition for every role seems more competitive than ever. The prosperous decade of the 1990s, when jobs were plentiful and money (not to mention credit) was seemingly free flowing, was a wonderful time for many people who are now older workers. But over the years the world has wobbled through financial crises, political instability and an upheaval of working world, through technology and outsourcing.  These factors have all made the job market more difficult to navigate.

Individuals seeking employment in this market can find this overwhelming and very upsetting. The world of work has definitely changed and job search process has changed as well. This especially impacts those who have been working in the same organization for many years,  Job seekers are finding that they must be more strategic then ever in their search for employment.

Understanding the job search process

You must have an understanding of what it takes to stand out in this tough job market in order to succeed. Those that fail to adequately prepare a job seeking strategy will likely find themselves without a job for the foreseeable future. Job seekers must learn to utilize their personal and social networks, professionalise their resume and develop great interview skills. Each of the aforementioned will greatly improve an individual’s chances of landing a job.


Networking is a strategy that many job seekers don’t focus on enough but in today’s society should be the number one strategy at the top of the list. The fact is, many workers can trace their current employment to someone who was kind enough to give them a job lead, a foot in the door or point them in the right direction. Today, networking has become easier then the ever, thanks, in a large part to the growth of online networking websites.

Social networking websites such as LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook are great places to meet people who share similar interests or who work in the same industry. However, even with the power and reach of social networking websites, a person may want to start their job search using the contacts they’ve developed in their own, personal network. Speak to your family and friends and make them aware that you are job hunting. Don’t be scared to reach out to people who are in a position to help.

Professional Resume Writing

Having a strong resume is a vital part of the job search process. Expect the competition to be fierce. Human resource professionals routinely receive hundreds (sometimes thousands!) of resumes for each and every job opening. An individual’s resume must stand out from the pile order to even be considered for a job. you have just a few seconds to impress.  If your resume doesn’t immediately get the reader’s interest the chance of being called in for interview is greatly reduced.

A great resume is an essential part of the job search process. A professionally written resume highlights an individual’s skills, experience and achievements.  This improves the chances of actually getting an interview.  If you are not having the success you desire from your existing resume consider having your resume professionally written or edited. The cost of a resume writing specialist is far less than the cost of not having a job.

Writing Your Own Resume

If you are a good writer you may prefer to create your own resume.  It is essential that you include your transferable skills .  BoomersNextStep has many articles to help you create a strong resume, and even if you are going to employ someone to write for you it is wise to know what your expectations are before you appoint someone to do this vital task for you.  It can make or break your job search success.

Interview Skills

Having great interview skills is extremely important and gives you the opportunity to shine in person. Actually being invited to an interview is often the hardest part of the job search. Therefore make the most of the opportunity by being well prepared for the job interview. Research the company and practice answering potential interview questions. The more information you have on the company the more prepared you will be to answer any tough questions that come your way. The best way to becoming a master interviewee is understanding what works best and then practice those skills!

Staying Positive Should Be Part Of Your Job Search Strategy

In today’s tough job market, job seekers should be prepared for a lengthy job search. However, being strategic with your job search process can help you remain confident and upbeat during this period. Positivity is important so make sure you surround yourself with positive people. The last thing you need is negativity in your life.


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