Are You Worried About Redundancy?

Is the dreaded word Redundancy being whispered through the office gossip vine?

Long before the actual day that redundancy occurs there are usually clear signals that something is not as it should be.  You may have heard rumours.  You may have seen people coming to meetings for no clearly stated reason.  It may just be that your instincts are working well and you sense something is wrong.  On the other hand, HR may have told you to expect a reorganisation of the business…and doesn’t that set the cat amongst the pigeons!!  Once people are unsettled and feeling insecure you start to see the real character of those you are working with, and yourself too.

Whatever has made you feel concerned that redundancies may be coming now is the time to act.

Are You Worried About Redundancy?

1.  Know your redundancy entitlements

If your job is made redundant Fairwork Australia offers wonderful information about your entitlements. They also have great information to help you determine if you have been unfairly dismissed.

2. Prepare Yourself For Redundancy

It is a shock to find that your job is redundant and your services are no longer required.  There are several things you can do, but panicking is not one of them!  You can move on to the next phase of your working life faster when you are better prepared because the less you will be impacted by this situation. Focus on boosting your confidence in any way you can. Remember all the good things you have achieved in your working life and the contribution you have made to your current workplace. Redundancy isn’t usually personal – it’s a numbers game based on the work roles that are considered expendable. There is no point in taking it personally so don’t let it impact on your opinion of yourself and your work.

I invite you to read this article Facing Redundancy: 9 Things To Do If You Think Your Job Might Be Made Redundant

3. Career Counselling, Career Coaching and Outplacement Services

Young at Heart, through our sister company Clarity Career Management, offers Career Counselling, Career Coaching and Outplacement Services. You can contact us on 1300 851821.  These services can often be negotiated as part of your redundancy package and will make a huge difference to your confidence as you make decisions about your future, as well as to the strategies that you will use to get your next job.

Are you unhappy with your present work? Do you want to find a new job? Do you need a career change advice? Let’s talk! Contact Us at Career Reno.

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