Peppa Pig Live A Date With My Granddaughter

I am thrilled to have booked tickets to a concert that I really want to go to.

No, it’s not Sting and Paul Simon. I really really wanted to go to that but my plans of a weekend with friends at the Pokolbin concert in a vineyard have fallen through.  No, this concert is about creating memories with my granddaughter; about enjoying the privileges of being a grandmother.

Advertisement for Peppa Pig concert in BrisbaneIt is not a concert that I would have even considered a year ago, in fact a year ago I’d barely heard of the main star of the show. But then Peppa Pig came into our lives. My granddaughter watches her avidly. She learns manners from her (“Nanna, this is my baby sister Charlie”). She plays with her Peppa Pig stuffed toy. She eats off a plate with Peppa’s image on it. She draws and paints pictures of Peppa Pig. Peppa is as real to my granddaughter as most people she knows.

So when I heard Peppa Pig was going to be LIVE at a Brisbane theatre I immediately booked tickets. We are having a special date, just the two of us, to see Peppa in concert.

I realise that someone who is still a few months off turning three probably won’t remember this concert, or even that we attended a concert together. But I will always be able to treasure the moments of joy and wonderment that I will see on her face. There will be aspects of theatre that she will never have seen before, experiences she won’t have had, and then there will be the excitement of seeing Peppa and George (Peppa’s baby brother who is always introduced politely…hence the introduction I mentioned before).

Being a grandparent is such a privilege; the opportunity to give unconditional love without having all the tiresome parts of parenthood. We’ve been there, done that. Now this is the truly fun part, the chance to enjoy the special times with the next generation, then hand them back to the parents when the outing is over.

Thank you, Peppa Pig, for bringing this joy into our lives.


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