Visiting Relaxed Paros, Cyclades Islands, Greece

The Greek Island of Paros, Greece

BoomersNextStep travels to Paros, Greece of Cyclades Islands. We visited the old town of Parikia Paros and Naoussa with its charming fishing port.

Paros, Greece. A Greek Island that is part of the Cyclades group, looked a bit underwhelming when we arrived, but ferry ports are not usually attractive.

Among the throngs of tourists, we dragged our suitcases along the cobbled streets following the directions of “find the bank with a yellow sign in the town square then turn left”. Bingo! There was a yellow sign. The only splash of colour among a sea of white painted buildings with blue trim.

Traditional Windmill of Paros island
Traditional Windmill of Paros island

Relaxed Paros

Paros Island is laid back. Locals told us it is because it is built on a solid foundation of marble which grounds everything. We suspect it is because the tourism season has not yet begun in earnest.

Looking up at the old castle in Pariaka Paros Island
Looking up at the old castle in Pariaka Paros.

The old town of Parikia Paros was a delightful rabbit warren of narrow laneways, with shops, cafes, and homes, as it seems to be on most Greek Islands. We got the impression that the “old people” (yes, about our age) live in the old town but families live out of town or in another town on the island.

In the old town, we visited the Church with 99 doors. Legend has it that the 100th door will be installed when Greece owns Constantinople again. Given that they lost that city in 1453 you get the impression that history is neither forgotten nor forgiven.

A tiny Scoda car that we hired took us around the island of Paros. I mention its size because we were very grateful that we had such a tiny car when we found ourselves driving down a narrow street with barely enough room to get through, even with the side mirrors folded in.

We drove around the narrow streets of Leftas, but didn’t even get out of the car. Even in mid-June, before the rush of tourists that flock to Paros and all the Greek Islands during summer holiday time, we couldn’t find a parking spot that was within a reasonable distance from the main part of town.

Venetian fort in Naoussa, Paros Greece
Venetian fort in Naoussa, Paros

Naoussa was my favourite part of the island of Paros. It is a fishing port that has grown around an ancient Venetian fort that is easily accessible from the old town. Of course, the old town (white painted buildings, blue trims, narrow cobblestones, shops and restaurants) is charming and a lovely place to wander around.

Naoussa, Paros a charming fishing village.
Naoussa, Paros a charming fishing village.

We sat by the fishing port and watched the fishermen working through the day to prepare for their night’s work. Nets need to be untangled, checked and mended. Boats need to be cleaned. It seems it is an all-consuming occupation being a fisherman on a Greek Island. Some of them have been doing this very physical job for many years.

From Paros, we had an amazing day travelling by ferry to the ancient historical site of Delos and the tourist hotspot of Mykonos.

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