Tent Outdoor Camping for Senior Citizens

According to industry statistics, the average age of a tent camper is 40 years. Does this mean seniors should forget about tent outdoor camping and choose rvs and cabins?

I do not believe so.

Camping tent outdoor camping is a lot of fun and senior citizens shouldn’t be left out of it. This being stated, seniors may want to take a few extra actions to ensure that they’ll have a fun, easy, and safe trip.

Get Off the Ground

One of the best suggestions I can provide senior campers is to get yourself off of the ground. Bring a comfortable chair for sitting around the campground and a comfortable cot for sleeping on.

This easy act will keep you warmer in winter, cooler in hot weather and it will assist you to sleep much better and have fewer body aches. If you suffer from joint inflammation, not needing to climb off of the difficult ground every early morning will make all the difference for your comfort.

Lots of senior campers have even turned to hammock outdoor camping instead of tent camping. This is particularly true for primitive campers and senior backpackers who don’t have the choice of bringing a cot out into the field with them.

Get a Tall Tent

Ideally, you’ll be able to get a camping tent that is tall enough for you to fully stand in. This will make it easier to get in and out of, and will make the act of changing clothes much simpler.

Another way to reduce the opportunities of developing soreness and pain while on your travel is to get a camping tent with a high ceiling. The taller your camping tent, the less you’ll have to bend over.

Otherwise, consider a large pop-up tent. Usually, any instant tent designated for 6 people or more will have interior heights of a minimum of 6 ′.

You could go with a large canopy tent if you’ll have assistance setting up your tent. These tents will have almost vertical sidewalls so you’ll be able to move about them freely.

These tents are easy to set up and take down and they can weigh as low as 25 pounds. While they’re way too huge and heavy for backpacking or wilderness camping, they’re fantastic for cars and truck campers.

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