Tips to Delight In a Better Camping Experience

Senior campers looking to have a better camping experience may want to consider the following tips.

Bring Your Own Bathroom

These sort of experiences consist of tripping over tent stake lines, waking your next-door neighbors up, and getting lost on the way back from the bathroom, and needing to wait up until morning to discover your camping site again.

Prevent all of this by having your own bathroom onsite. You can do this by bringing a two-room tent and developing your on on-suite restroom in your tent, or you could simply bring a hygiene tent with you.

You could do this by choosing a high toilet or raising the much shorter one on a stable platform.

Late-night journeys to the bathroom are a hassle in your home but they can quickly end up being an adventure at a camping area. And not the enjoyable sort of adventure either.

Whichever toilet you pick, ensure you select one that is as high as the toilet you have at home. Some camping toilets are very low profile and they can be an inconvenience to get on and off.

The only other item you’ll require is the toilet itself. This can be found in the form of a portable chemical toilet, a composting toilet, or your own DIY pail system.

Change the Duration of Your Trips

You might begin your journey off in a tent in a state park for 3 days and could end it in a cabin in the exact same park for the next 3 days. This would keep you from needing to travel, while also minimizing the number of days you stay inside of a tent.

An easy method to get around this is to keep your journeys short. This can be done by picking weekend experiences or it can be done by breaking camping trips up with hotel or perhaps cabin stays.

Discomfort and tiredness is cumulative. One or two agitated nights aren’t so bad, but they become worse as time goes by.

Another alternative might be to camp in one location for a couple of days, spend a night in a hotel and then move onto another camping site for a few days. A trip like this would provide you the chance to explore both wilderness and metropolitan locations in the areas you go through.

Think About a 55 and Older Campground

Age 55 and older camping sites are just as prolific as 55 and older neighborhoods. They are frequently peaceful, properly maintained and full of features necessary for safety and enjoyment.

These parks are typically RV-only parks, however a few of them will allow tent camping as well. Do enough of this kind of camping and you might even be able to register for a subscription club that just charges one basic fee per year.

Go Tent Glamping

These tents will normally have toilets and sinks within them. Depending upon the site, they might even have cooking area facilities inside of them, too.

Another alternative might be to forego bringing your own equipment and to have another person do it for you. Lots of tent glamping camping sites will have lovely tents already laid out on wooden platforms that you can camp on.

If the park you wish to check out does not offer glamping, you may be able to work with a business that can create the experience for you. Tent glamping companies can go to your campsite, set up all of the gear for you, and take it back down once again when you’re ready to leave.

These services do cost cash, but they save you from having to purchase any equipment, so they possibly may be the wiser alternative for those who don’t plan on doing a great deal of camping each year.

They’ll frequently include electrical power too so you’ll be able to head off into nature without quitting any of the amenities of comfort. You also will not have to set anything up either, which can make the trip a whole lot easier.

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