What in the World is Glamping?


Older adults can take pleasure in camping like never ever prior to with modern-day equipment that enhances comfort.

Take a look at a few of the experiences offered at the official glamping site or explore individual experiences offered at other websites.

Think beds in treehouses, heated cabins with fireplaces, trendy yurts and ecolodges.

The term camping covers a wide range of experiences nowadays. Older adults can select to sleep in the back of their cars and truck, pitch a tent, transport a trailer with a pop-up tent, use an RV or go glamping for the supreme in luxury.

When they get in the great outdoors, not everyone desires to rough it. Consider glamping if you have deep pockets and a taste for luxury.

Yes, glamping is when you combine glamour and camping, and it can lead to some extremely chic accommodations whose only relationship with camping is that they’re in the outdoors.

Glamping is a movement  that covers the world, using a “genuine” experience without compromising any of the little high-ends you yearn for. These may consist of delivered gourmet meals, fur bedspreads or personal guides for your adventures.

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Bob D is a guest writer at seniorsouthernliving.com

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