What to see and to do in Mexico

Mexico is an old and big country. Everyone can discover something intriguing in this land. Ancient pyramids and temples, big tropical resorts and modern megapolises– it’s all here waiting on you to come.

The trip to Mexico can be started with see to its capital– Mexico City. Speaking about contemporary Mexico City, the district called the Zona Rosa is popular for its shops.

Suggestions of past civilization pervade the city, especially at the Templo Mayor excavation and Anthropological Museum at Chapultepec Park.

When you feel tired of ancient ruins and dust roadways you can direct your actions to among the Mexican resorts– Cancun, Puerto-Vallarta or Acapulco.

Cancun is world famous for its beaches, surrounding the entire city. So, beautiful Cancun is the preferred resort amongst US residents situated on the Yucatan peninsula. The city of Cancun is around 35 years old. This stylish resort was developed on the place of the previous angler’s village. Cancun is world popular for its beaches, surrounding the whole city.

Puerto Vallarta is situated in between palm-covered mountains, a river and an azure sea. The city has plenty of cobblestone streets and whitewashed homes. Like Cancun, as soon as it was a fishing town.

Among the most interesting resorts on the planet, Acapulco is popular for its explosive night life, golden beaches, limitless watersports, world-class hotels, dining establishments and the awesome beauty of Acapulco Bay. Acapulco is found on the Pacific coast of Mexico and unlike Puerto Vallarta and Cancun it’s a huge city with 2-million population.

One of the must-sees in Mexico are pyramids of Teotihuacan and Chichen Itza. Teotihuacan lies 50 kilometers northeast of Mexico City. Teotihuacan is not just a huge city, however likewise a location where the mural paintings allow the visitor to explore a world of legendary figures of Gods, jaguars, nighttime beings and liquid skies.

The ruins of Chichen Itza lie about midway between Cancun and Merida, so that the journey from each city takes around 2 or 3 hours by means of the new autopista. This location was a settlement of Maya people. The people itself sank into oblivion, but its location still draws in countless travelers and numerous detectives seeking for their archeological splendor.

Mexico is satisfying year-round, however October to May is typically the most enjoyable time to visit. The May-September period can be humid and hot, especially in the south, and inland temperatures can approach freezing throughout December-February.

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