Top 25 Home Business Ideas for Baby Boomers

Let’s get your entrepreneurial sparks flying with these home business ideas, based on your current skills and expertise.  We started out with 25 but the list keeps growing!

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Deciding on a home business idea can be overwhelming

If you are thinking about starting your own home business the available options can be overwhelming. Surprisingly there are many tried and true home-based business models that may be just what you are looking for. Remember you are far more likely to achieve success if you choose a business that uses your strengths and develops your existing skills.

Of course, you MUST have the correct legal and educational requirements for many of these businesses and should also consider the insurance requirements.

Here are 25 great home business ideas:


1. Personal trainer

If you are fitness-minded, you can start your own career as a personal trainer. Check out the National Federation of Professional Trainers for information about the certification process.

2. Yoga instructor

Begin sharing your expertise with others by teaching yoga classes. There are a number of online resources, depending on the school of yoga that you practice. The Yoga Alliance Web site provides information on yoga schools, certification, insurance, and so on.

Professional services

3. Tutoring

You can start a business tutoring students by advertising at schools, the local YMCA, and other places frequented by families. If you have children, talk to their teachers and determine the needs of your local area.  Of course, you will need to have the required qualifications and licenses to work with children and a safe space to work.  Tutoring colleges may be worth approaching.

4. Business coaching

Have experience with management or some other specialized business skill? Share it with others by becoming a business coach. The International Coach Federation provides certification and a coach referral service for its members.

5. Consulting

Consider beginning your own consulting business if you are an expert in your industry, such as finance, marketing, or mediation.

6. Accounting and Bookkeeping

There are many franchises and opportunities available for certified public accountants and bookkeepers. Check with the appropriate authorities in your country/state to ensure your qualifications and experience make you eligible to offer this service.

Helping Other Businesses

7. Virtual Assistant

You could start a virtual assistant service. For instance, you could be the personal assistant to a small business person, taking their phone calls, organising appointments, and dealing with client queries. If you have any particular skills or expertise in a certain area such as Human Recourses you could offer services on that level also. Begin by contacting previous employers and past coworkers and tell them about your service. Post your ad in online services like Airtasker and in any appropriate online business or community groups.

8. At Home Call Center

Many companies these days have all of their customer service and support calls routed overseas. A growing number of these companies are now hiring people to work from their homes responding to those calls. A lot of companies require you to have a college education, good problem solving skills and a quiet workspace. Usually you would take care of some sales, taking orders, and solving minor problems for people. This is a great work from home idea for the right person.

9. Transciption for videos and video interviews

This industry is a popular home business. You need to be able to listen intently and type quickly.  But as you can choose the work you accept you can follow your own interests and learn and as you work.

Home business ideas for those who enjoy technology

10. Web design

If you can design quality Web sites, consider turning your skills into a home-based business. Good web designers tend to be well-compensated for their efforts. These are skills that you can learn fairly quickly, practice on your own sites then offer your services, increasing your fees as your expertise increases.

11. Desktop publishing

Do you have a creative flair for putting together brochures and newsletters? You can offer your own desktop publishing services to other small businesses. Professional software can be expensive, so make sure to give applications a trial run or take a course before investing in one. Alternatively, you can offer a lower-level (but not necessarily less effective) service using Canva at a low monthly cost.

12. Medical and legal transcription

If you have transcription skills and the necessary equipment, you can easily work from home for a variety of different companies. Check local community colleges or online for transcription training courses.

13. Computer repair

Are you the person everyone calls when they have a computer problem? Turn this into a business and start getting paid for fixing fatal errors. There are franchise opportunities available too.

Home business ideas for artistic and creative people

14. Personal shopper

If you are a great shopper with an eye for people’s personal styles, you can offer your services to those less inclined. In addition, consider providing a gift shopping service for those too busy to shop themselves. Many companies employ undercover shoppers as well to go into their own stores and report on the service they received and the overall impression of the store.

15. Photography

If you are skilled with a camera, you can open your own photography business. But keep in mind that you have to be an outstanding photographer and marketer now that just about everyone has their own phone camera with them at all times and it is inexpensive to get large prints.

16. De-cluttering and home organisation

If you have a particular flair for creating calm out of chaos this sort of business may suit you perfectly.  So many people have difficulty re-organising their home and getting rid of clutter.  You could be the magic fairy who comes in and establishes systems to make organisation and tidiness a breeze.

17. Interior decorator

If you have a flair for the creative, consider interior decoration. There are many great courses for aspiring interior decorators. If you have already been working in this field, especially in your local area, you definitely have an advantage over someone starting with no experience.

18. Gift baskets

Gift basket creation is a popular and creative home business idea. Target both individuals and businesses to increase potential sales. Great marketing and knowing the needs of your target market will be essential for this business.

19. Wedding planner

If you are an ace at organizing important events and have a mobile phone full of contacts, consider becoming a wedding planner. There are numerous online certification courses online, but it is something that you can get into just based on your creativity and great marketing.  Get some experience first!

20. Custom jewellery creation

Designing your own custom design jewelry can be a lucrative pastime. Make sure to wear your own creations as a way to drum up business. Definitely for the creative types who have a good eye for what your target market like to wear.

21. Flea Markets

If you are one of those fortunate people who is artistically inclined and enjoy making craft items, pastry, cakes or even cosmetic products you may want to get a table or booth at a craft fair or local market. Try not to crowd your merchandise together. Merchandise your items by category and separation. It is easier for people to make a simple choice between two or three items than being overwhelmed by too many choices and not be able to decide at all.

Providing home services

22. Renovation and home maintenance

If you are a gifted carpenter or contractor, you can turn your passion into your own business.  Of course, you must have the right qualifications, licenses, insurances, and experience. Armed with that background you can find a specialised niche and create a great business

23. Catering or personal chef

Consider starting your own catering or personal chef business from your own kitchen. You can set yourself apart from competitors by providing specialised services such as low-carb or vegetarian menus. You will find that your state may demand the use of a commercial kitchen if you are going to be cooking professionally.

24. Cleaning service

If you are good at cleaning, consider offering your services to others. One way to go is with a franchise. Alternatively advertise through one of the local service seeking websites eg Service Seeking or Airtasker.

25. Carpet cleaning service

There are many popular franchises that allow you to start your own carpet cleaning business and receive the equipment and training you need.

26. Dog grooming

If you love dogs you may enjoy becoming a dog groomer. You could market your services through a local service website, Facebook, or a local pet shop. You will also find there are mobile franchises available.

27. Concierge

If you have a lot of energy, a love for the mundane, and the ability to juggle multiple tasks, consider providing a personal concierge to busy business people or parents. For instance, you might pick children up from school, supervise afternoon tea, playtime, and homework. In this way, you’d be an absolute hero to tired parents getting home from work.

28. Child-care services

Turn your child-rearing expertise into one of the most popular home business opportunities. Because parents need to work, childcare is a major issue and having somewhere safe and caring is a huge concern for most of them.  You could provide that special nurturing environment.

29. Online Affiliate Marketing

Out of the majority of work from home ideas, affiliate marketing should be at the top of the list. There are some decent companies out there offering a wide range of different programs, products and methods. Try to avoid the hype by researching the reviews of a specific company before you sign up or give them any money. Internet affiliate marketing can be very personally and financially rewarding. I recommend companies that have a proven track record, a turnkey operation that provides you with your own website with products or income streams ready to go. These kinds of programs do not require you to do any selling, but only that you bring traffic to the site. They also should provide concise educational tutorials, and mentorship to guide you step by step along the way.

We would love you to contribute your own home business ideas

These are just a few home business ideas.  Add to the list in the comments below, with your own experience of having that type of business, and I will add your ideas into the post for others to be inspire by your success.



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